Glitter Nail Art For A Look That Will Get You Noticed

Glitter Nail Art For A Look That Will Get You Noticed

Glitter comes in many forms, colors and textures and it can be used practically on anything. Let’s say you’re getting ready for a crazy night out and you want to shine and to stand out. Add some glitter to your nails and you’re all ready to go. Usually, glitter nail art is more suitable for night events or for special occasions when a more eye-catching and sparkly look is not disturbing for the others. But glitter can also be used with moderation and this allows you to incorporate it into elegant and sophisticated nail art designs.

Just because glitter is so out there and so in your face doesn’t mean that it has to look obnoxious. You can still look elegant, simple and bohemian if you use glitter as long as it’s not too much. For example, instead of covering the entire nail with glitter you can only use a little bit on the tips of the nails or you can put it on a single nail and make that one stand out. Combine glitter with nude colors or with simple shades and this way it will look chic.

Of course, if you use glitter to attract attention, then feel free to use as much as you want. There are cases when lots of glitter on the nails can be acceptable. For example, if you use white glitter that has the right texture, you can turn your nails into the perfect accessory for a Christmas outfit. Colored glitter is fun to use, especially when your outfit lacks dynamism.

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