Glamorous Metallic Eye Makeup Ideas For Winter Brides

Glamorous Metallic Eye Makeup Ideas For Winter Brides

Most often brides prefer more neutral colors for their makeup as well as classic makeup. We completely agree with these choices. After all, this is not the day to experiment or to stand out in a negative way. But there are cases when a more sparkling makeup is not such a bad idea. For example, winter brides could take advantage of the fact that their wedding is scheduled this season and opt for a makeup that makes them shine.

Metallic shades are a wonderful option in this case. You could opt for metallic gray or for silver if you prefer something less bold and a little more bohemian. If, on the other hand, you want your eyes to be the stars of the makeup, you could choose to use darker shades such as charcoal or even black. A little bit of glitter or a metallic shade could make the makeup look less dramatic and more glamorous and suitable for the occasion.

Of course, any other metallic shade can be used. Depending on the color of your eyes and of your hair as well as on your personal preferences, you can experiment with all sorts of different colors. However, make sure these experiments take place a few days or a week before the wedding so you don’t have any ugly surprises on this special day. Also, remember that, if you use metallic shades for the eye makeup, the rest of the face should be as neutral as possible.

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