Give Your Sneakers An Original Makeover And Make Everyone Gallous

Give Your Sneakers An Original Makeover And Make Everyone Gallous

Sneakers are very popular and for several reasons. They are very comfortable and versatile and you can wear them with dresses, pants, shirts, T-shirts and all sorts of other outfits. In addition, they are very fashionable and they come in numerous types of designs, colors, etc. But what if you don’t like those models and you want something different? Well, you can always give your sneakers a makeover. Here are some lovely examples.

If you have an old pair of sneakers and you got bored with the way they look, you can turn them into new pair a shoes by adding a few studs. You can add the studs by hand and even though it might take a while you’ll end up having a great new pair of sneakers.{found on site}.

If you add to add some height to your sneakers and to also give them a chic look, you can try this project. The supplies you’ll need are a pair of canvas sneakers, foam, 2 show soles, glue, raffia, a knife and sandpaper. Glue the sole and the foam together and then glue the sneakers to the foam. Press the layers together and let it dry overnight. Then glue two layers of raffia around the edge of the shoes to cover the foam.{found on apairandasparediy}.

Some people love glitter and would put it on everything. If you think you’d enjoy having glittery shows, then you should try this project. Take a pair of sneakers, some fabric glue, a paint brush, silver glitter, painter’s tape and some studs and get to work. Put the sneakers in an open box and sprinkle glitter over them after you have covered them in glue. You need to cover the sides with tape so they remain clean. Shake to remove the excess glitter and you can then add a different color if you want. At the end, add the studs.{found on site}.

Here’s a more simple design, perfect for you if you like polka dots. For this project you’ll need a pair of sneakers, a permanent white fabric pen and a few spare minutes. Remove the shoe strings and stuff the inside of the sneakers with bags or paper. Then start making polka dots with the pen. It’s very simple and the result is a very cute pair of shoes.{found on site}.

This project is for those that really love glitter and like to shine wherever they go. The supplies needed are a pair of sneakers, glue, gold glitter, 2 flat brushes, rhinestones, adhesive and tape. Tape the edges of the shows and cover the soles and the toes. Add the glitter and the glue in a cup or tray and then apply a layer to the shoes. Let it dry, remove the tape and then start attaching the rhinestones to the toe.{found on site}.