Girlish Pink and Gold Nail Designs With A Glam Touch

Golden nail polish can be combined with a variety of other colors and it looks glamorous every time.White and gold is a successful combination with a casual and, at the same time, elegant look. Another interesting combo is pink and gold. Each of these two colors has its own identity.

Pink is delicate, pure and romantic and gold is glamorous and sophisticated but, when combined, they share these characteristics with each other. There’s a whole range of possibilities. It’s usually best to use gold as an accent color. So either use it for small decorations on your nails or maybe on a single nail just to show the contrast with the main color, in this case pink.

You can use a variety of designs and patterns to showcase these two colors. Try a french manicure with a glamorous twist, stripes, floral designs, polka dots and any other design you like. The key is balance. You can opt for a glittered nail polish to highlight the golden hue or tick with the satin look for a simpler yet still eye-catching look.