Get the Latest Tile Trends

Get the Latest Tile Trends

Your flooring choice makes a huge impact on the value of your home as well as its style factor. Here are some of the latest tile trends.

Mixed Faux Wood Tiles.

Instead of opting for just one type of wooden flooring, choose to mix different looks. This can be achieved with tiles that appear to be made from wood but aren’t. They provide you with the chance to mix ’n match tiles in ways that are not always easy when working with real wood.

Tile Trims.

You can use a trim of tile design in a certain area of the room’s flooring to draw emphasis to something, such as a seating area, or as a trim around the entire room. This creates a more three dimensional floor. Plus, it can match an overhead wooden beam design to create balance in the décor.

Geometric Tile.

Shapes are not only trendy in décor, but they also give the room personality. A dazzling geometric floor, such as with the use of vinyl tiles, can create an optical illusion that draws attention downwards.

Concrete Tiles.

If you want the look of concrete without having to lay it down as flooring, tiles that look like concrete can be a choice covering for your floors. The tiles can be very realistic, matching the powdery, two-toned texture of concrete, and perhaps even more stylish than regular concrete.

Get Larger Tiles.

Larger tiles are a big trend for the year, so make use of bigger sizes on the floor. The bonus? They can help to make the space appear bigger and brighter.

Walking on Glass.

Glass tiles are a stunning trend in home décor – and not just on the walls. Choose floor tiles that come in a light color (or shade of white) for an even more striking and glossy appearance. The smooth texture of glass adds a professional finish to your room’s décor.

When designing your porch, a glass floor can add opulence and elegance to the look, so bear glass tiles in mind for both indoor and outdoor décor endeavors.

Let it Flow.

Choose a tile design on the floor that can also be used elsewhere in the room. For instance, a wavy design that moves across the room’s floor can continue on the wall, bringing texture to the room and synchronizing its design.

Hot Hexagonal.

Hexagonal tiles keep being named on the tile trend lists. This is because they are a refreshing change from regularly shaped tiles. Resembling honey combs, hexagonal tiles make a statement even when they are set in a pale color.

What further makes them interesting is that they are big on shape (another tile trend) while allowing the creation of patterns if you use more than one color of tile.

Leather Flooring.

There are interesting ways in which you can use leather in the home, and one of these is on the floor. Leather flooring has a rich, opulent and masculine look, as can be seen in the above image. It warms up the home and is an intriguing option for your tiling.