Get a Stylish Guest Bedroom

Get a Stylish Guest Bedroom

You might not think about decorating your guest bedroom too much, especially if it doubles up as a study or home office. However, there are some cool things you can do with this room other than using it as storage space.

Make it Inviting.

This is the room where loved ones and other people who are special to you are going to be staying, so you want the room to convey warmth and make them feel at home. Put in some cozy items, such as a thick blanket or duvet, warm colors on the wall, and fresh flowers on the bedside table.

Design is in the Details.

Think about how you feel when you enter a hotel bedroom – chances are you like to feel that you’re going to get a lot of relaxation in it and you appreciate the little touches. So try to convey these, even in small ways. A little ‘welcome to our home’ note is a nice touch and doesn’t cost a thing. Other practical tips include a desk and shelving or drawer options that can be very useful, especially if they are staying for longer than a day or two.

Throw a Cushion!

Throw pillows or cushions in lovely patterns and bright colors are an easy way to bring some décor to the room. These are also versatile, allowing you to use them in other parts of the house when your guests are not around.

Jump on Board with the Nautical Trend.

The nautical trend is becoming a classic in décor because it’s such a great way to add some color, texture and design to a room. Think striped cushions or pillow covers; using blue, white and red; and the use of wooden trimmings. This is both a stylish and classic guest room idea that will add a jolt of fun for your guests, too.

Divide it.

If your guest room is usually occupied with other things, such as personal items, books and files, or storage, consider a room divider if these items cannot be packed away. A stunning and trendy divider helps to keep the guest bedroom separate from your personal belongings you don’t want on show.

On the other hand, some furniture can work into the décor, so bring that bright red chair into the room instead of banishing it out of sight. Be creative by adding a few accessories that match in color. This creates harmony in the room and culminates in wonderful décor.