Get a Haute Hallway

Get a Haute Hallway

Sometimes they can be dark, bare and boring. Here are some easy ways to add uplifting design to your hallways so that they become haute couture of décor!

Books on Show.

The hallway can be filled nicely with bookshelves along it. This creates warmth and the books reflect a bit about your personality, too. Bookcases are especially a great idea if your hallway is quite spacious. They fill the gaps and prevent space from being wasted.

Design that Jumps out at You.

You can use the hallway as the easel for your wildest artistic ideas! In the picture, you can see how creative décor looks like it could come alive at any second! The mix of bold colors with unique designs also makes this a riveting hallway.

Choose a Design for the End.

Choose a striking piece of furniture or art to be placed at the end of the hallway. This is great to draw attention and lead people to the rest of the home.

A bright or patterned rug for the hallway can work wonders to make it much more aesthetically pleasing.

Round the Bend.

A trick to make the hallway appear less dull and narrow is to create multiple archways all the way down. This is both interesting to the eye and it adds a pattern to your home construction.

Spotlights Create Effect.

If you have a narrow, dark hallway and this cannot be altered, simply install some spotlights to guide the eye down the hallway. These spotlights can be of intriguing shapes, such as triangular, so as to cast patterns on the floor and brighten up the tight space. Interesting light fixtures on the hallway ceiling can also help to entice the eye upwards, away from the plain floor or the constricting walls.

Solutions for Dark Hallways.

Dark hallways don’t have to be dull or depressing. If you like using darker shades in your living space, then by all means include this in your hallway. However, make sure that you have good lighting as well as some lighter colors to balance the darkness. For instance, white picture frames or artwork could be placed against black walls for an interesting flip to the décor rule of ‘dark on light.’

Balancing Act.

Although the hallway is the perfect spot for you to hang framed photographs, prevent it from becoming cluttered as this will just make it look smaller. Balance out your décor items. For instance, hang multiples of the same frames on the walls and place them directly opposite each other. This creates a sense of organized space as well as harmony in the hallway.