Funky Painted Accessories And Clothes Makeovers You Can Do In Your Spare Time

Funky Painted Accessories And Clothes Makeovers You Can Do In Your Spare Time

Are you getting a little bored with your wardrobe? Some of your clothes might start to look a little old and boring but this doesn’t mean that their life is over. Makeovers are very fun and you might like to try one in your free time. Here are a few funky ideas.

Dip diye!

Plain white shirts are never going to stand out unless you give them a little spark. Dilute ding powder with water and soak the bottom of the shirt. Watch the color running up and rinse under cold water after a minute. When the shirt is damp, take the leftover dye powder and sprinkle onto the colored part.{found on site}.

Screen printing.

You can also give a makeover to any other kind of shirt. For example, you can first create a design and then trace it into nylon (which has to be stretched over a hoop). Paint the design onto the shirt and let it dry.{found on mycalicoskies}.

Ombre scarf.

An old shirt can also be repurposed. For example, you can make a scarf out of it. Take a white shirt and dip it in paint. Dip one half in paint again and continue to create a darker color until you get an ombre effect. Let it dry and cut off the bottom to make a scarf.{found on rebekahgough}.

Yellow striped.

Stripes are always popular and spray paint is really easy to use, which makes this project very simple. Take a plain white shirt and use tape to create a striped pattern. Then spray paint the shirt, remove the tape and you have a whole new piece of clothing.{found on yellowbirdyellowbeard}.

DIY Tie-Dye Shirt.

Now let’s try something a little more complex: a sunburst design. Pinch the middle of the shirt and tie it with a rubber band. Then continue to secure rubber bands along the shirt until the last one is wrapped around the sleeves. Put your shirt in a mix of dye powder and water and let it sit for around 10 minutes. Then run it under cold water and let it dry.{found on site}.

Cut off shorts.

Old jeans often get makeover when they are cut to make them shorter. This project also involves studs. Attach the stud and rip up the jeans, use sand paper to wear down the denim and a razor blade to shave off the fabric and expose the threads.{found on mycalicoskies}.