Five Smart Décor Tricks

Five Smart Décor Tricks

You don’t always have lots of time or money to dedicate to updating your décor. But perhaps you don’t need to do that much to make a difference. From using natural light as much as possible to breaking down walls to create harmony or larger spaces, here are five smart décor tricks that can revamp your home.

Go Natural.

Maximize natural light in your living space as much as possible. It can make a room appear larger and brighter. Flashes of sun on wood and wall colors are also charming. If you have high windows, avoid covering them up with blinds or curtains. Put them on show as a piece of décor!

Paint the Walls in More than One Color.

Instead of sticking to one color for a room’s walls, why not add other shades? You could have strips of different colors or focus on an accent wall that is a brighter color than the rest. This is an easy way to make a room more interesting.

Break Down Other Walls.

Sometimes walls just get in the way of a certain space, breaking the unity between rooms or making your home appear smaller. Breaking a dividing room can work wonders in your home. You don’t even have to break down the entire wall – leaving half a wall to be used as a room divider for more private areas can also be a great style move.

Get an Interesting Bathtub.

The bathtub is usually the focal point of a bathroom, so make yours stand out! Choose a different material for the tub, such as wood, which can be a creative and unique idea. You could also choose between modern or vintage tubs, depending on the décor theme of your bathroom. The sky’s the limit but changing just the tub can make a huge impact.

Throw a Rug into the Room.

A rug in an elegant or trendy design can do wonders for an otherwise bland room. The best part about this décor trick is that it’s not a permanent decision so you can always move the rug into a different room. Some day you might even get tired of it on the floor and decide to use it as wall art instead. Proof that there are many options to a simple décor idea.