Fat glitter undercut hairstyles for 2018

Fat glitter undercut hairstyles for 2018

Fat glitter undercut hairstyles for 2018

Bold girls, today is your day, because we have some for 2018 Glitter undercut hairstyles selected. Ladies’ Undercut hairstyles have been popular for years, but even trends that have already become mainstream receive a modern update. The latest updates refer to undercut hairstyles. Now they are even more creative and seasoned with glitter. Such hairstyles are perfect for wearing at festivals, but if you’re brave enough, you can also customize them with your everyday style. Glitter really creates another effect. Get ready to make a serious statement with one of these hairstyles.

Fat Glitter Undercut Hairstyles for 2017

High bun with undercut

Most women prefer to do an undercut as it is easy to cover. You do not feel like showing off. This edgy look features a turquoise and teal color combination, a strong undercut at the nape and a high bun style that makes every single detail more than alive. Let’s not forget the green glitter applied to the undercut. High bun with undercut

Bob haircut with undercut

Is there anything better than a rainbow-colored bob haircut with a strong undercut? Undoubtedly, soft hearts ladies should skip that look. However, it is not an easy style to achieve. First, ask your hairdresser for a stacked bob haircut with many layers. Your next step should be to color your bob in several light shades to create a rainbow hair look. Finish the incision with an undercut in the neck. Bob Haircut with Undercut

Braided rolls with undercut

There are several styling options to show your undercut pattern. You can opt for the most creative and fun hairstyles to enhance your look. This style is pretty girly and extravagant and it requires creating double braids and pulling them into double buns. Even with a natural brown hair color, the look seems pretty bold. Braided rolls with undercut

Triangle undercut with bread rolls

The best part is that you have the opportunity to choose your favorite undercut design. It can be a geometric pattern or something else. This special undercut shows several triangles spiced up with colorful glitter. If you’re a party girl, this hairstyle will definitely bring out your party side. Triangle undercut with bun

Braided updo with floral undercut

As you can see, the combination of pigtails and undercut creates a feminine touch bold look that is fabulous. When it comes to this hairstyle, it has a braided updo and an edgy undercut in the form of flowers. We also love the pastel-colored hair color that makes the whole look more upbeat and makes it even more feminine. You will never be wrong with such a style. Braided updo with floral undercut

Pigtails hairstyle with undercut

This undercut has a rather complicated design. This model opted for a pigtail hairstyle to show the refined undercut reinforced with glitter. If you want the same undercut as this model, show this image to your hairdresser and ask for the same style, but first you should make sure your barber is skilled enough to make that undercut. Pigtails hairstyle with undercut