Fashion Myths You Shouldn’t Pay Attention To

Fashion Myths You Shouldn’t Pay Attention To

You’ve probably all heard people say that if you’re curvy you shouldn’t wear horizontal lines. As it turns out, that’s just one of the many fashion myths people believe without knowing whether or not it’s based on some actual facts. So don’t avoid horizontal lines. Instead, take away the attention from them with bold colors or statement accessories.

Speaking of color, you should also know that black is not always a good choice. Sure, it can be elegant in certain situations but usually wearing black shows that you have to self confidence and don’t dare wear some actual colors.

Pleated skirts don’t add extra pounds. In fact, they’re great for hiding a few extra pounds and camouflaging your curves. They can actually make you look slim. Also, they’re very comfortable.

You may have also heard people say that you can’t mix patterns because they don’t look good together. That’s just another myth. Be daring and experiment. Some patterns may indeed not look great when mixed but some can look wonderful.

Another fashion myth is that you can’t wear gold and silver jewelry together. It’s not based on anything and it doesn’t really make any sense. So don’t pay attention to what people say and just be you.