Eye makeup mistakes you should avoid

Eye makeup mistakes you should avoid

It’s so obvious when someone makes an eye makeup mistake. But have you ever wondered that you could make similar mistakes without even noticing? Don’t be that girl everyone talks about behind her back and don’t make the mistakes you often make fun about. For example, it’s ok to like nude makeup but not wearing any is not exactly great. Try at least to apply mascara or some eyeliner.

A big no-no in eye makeup is using too much sparkle. It’s understandable to want to make your eyes the focal point of your face but make sure you don’t exaggerate. Don’t go too far with the sparkle or glitter because that will be the only thing people see when looking at you.

It’s easy to exaggerate when applying makeup but try to be moderate. Don’t be heavy-handed with the eyeliner. Wearing it too thick will hide your beautiful eyes, not to mention that it can get smudged and end up looking awful. Also, learn when to stop when applying mascara. Two or three coats should be enough.

Pay attention to the color and shape of your eyes when applying eye makeup. Don’t copy something you see on another person because it will definitely look different on you, probably not as good as you might think.

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