Exciting Ideas for Lighting up Your Home

Exciting Ideas for Lighting up Your Home

There are many creative ways you can bring more light into your home at night. Here are five interesting lighting ideas and in what rooms they work best.

Big or Small, Chandeliers Win!

They’re a timeless bringer of light, but latest chandelier trends include pendent chandeliers that are well-suited to LED lights, making for a much more eco-friendly lighting option in your home. Pendent chandeliers can sometimes be a more subtle choice and they’re great for areas where a larger chandelier style is too overwhelming, such as in hallways or on staircase landings.

Hanging Lanterns.

Hanging lanterns are an exotic and interesting way to bring light to your room. They can also be used outdoors to create a casual or eclectic feeling.

The great thing about lanterns is that they are versatile and able to adapt to any room. You can create a variety of different looks with hanging lanterns, such as rustic, modern or vintage.


The use of spotlights is a very modern and trendy addition to the home lighting system. They’re especially good in large, clean spaces, such as the kitchen where you don’t want clutter. The bonus of spotlights is that they work well with various décor styles and can be an addition to other lighting you might need, without getting in the way of your décor ideas.

However, spotlights don’t always have to be behind the wings. They can create a much more dramatic feeling by accentuating parts of the room that you want to be more noticeable, such as an eye-catching fireplace or artwork on the wall.

Light Sculptures.

A décor trend is to make your lighting a sculpture an artwork all on its own. This can be achieved by choosing light fixtures that are more decorative and artistic. These work well in any room, especially dining rooms where they become the focus.

The use of various metals in light fixtures can also create something that stands out. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different materials to create an impression. More intricate lighting options are great for bedrooms as well as living room spaces.