Elegant, Minimalist And Warm Apartment In Budapest Designed by Kate Koppany

Elegant, Minimalist And Warm Apartment In Budapest Designed by Kate Koppany

Situated in the heart of Budapest, this beautiful apartment was designed by Kate Koppany. The apartment is very stylish and very elegant. I particularly like the color palette. The colors are simple and warm throughout and they look especially great when combined with the lighting in the rooms.

This minimalist loft has a surface of 786 square feet. It’s a contemporary apartment with a sober color palette throughout which mostly features the classic black and white combination and some shades of brown and beige.

The layout of the apartment is clean and practical. The living area is the core of the whole space. It’s an open area which also includes the dining room.Cove lighting makes the space feel warm and cozy while the simplicity of the colors and the overall minimalism create an elegant and relaxing atmosphere.

The refined interior design continues and you can also find a very beautiful bedroom decorated with shades of beige and brown. Dim lighting creates a very welcoming atmosphere. The bathroom doesn’t lack refinement either. It has a glass-enclosed shower and color similar to those features in the other rooms.

The loft also has a terrace. Here you can find a cozy and comfy seating unit and you can relax here while admiring the views. The apartment is very beautiful throughout. It’s contemporary and simple, with a few eye-catching elements such as the minimalist wall clock or the modern fireplace.