Edgy Short Punk Hairstyles – Can You Pull Off The Look?

Edgy Short Punk Hairstyles – Can You Pull Off The Look?

Switching from long or medium hair to a short hairstyle is not a step everyone can take. Having short hair is a pretty scary thought but adopting a short punk hairstyle is even more terrifying, especially if it’s not your usual look.

The edgy short punk hairstyles are for those who aren’t afraid of drastic changes, those who enjoy trying new things and for the nonconformist types who, well, live to be different. The haircuts are edgy, striking and often very bold, both in terms of color and overall look.

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to dye your hair a crazy color like turquoise or orange to have a punky look. You can rock the hairstyle with your natural color as well if you style your hair properly. Also, the usual short hairstyles like the pixie or the bob can be adapted for a crazy night out.

For example, take your cute black bob to the next level. A touch of color is enough to change your whole look. To make your hair look like this, prep it while it’s damp with a lightweight smoothing lotion or treatment and then blow dry it with a paddle brush for a sleek finish. Set it with a light hold hairspray.

Try a rock’n’roll-inspired look by adapting the pompadour. Prep your hair with a volumizing mousse, blow dry it with a round brush for more volume and then backcomb the base in the top crown area, leaving the perimeter smooth. Then sweep it over the backcombed area and sleek don the sides with a lightweight gel. Apply some hard hold hairspray to make sure it holds.

Not a big fan of black hair? Try something different, like a pastel hue. To get this look, first prep the dry hair with a firm paste or wax. Backcomb the hair for volume and then style it up and over in a disheveled manner using your fingers. Apply hard hold hairspray at the end.