Eclectic Toronto Loft Decorated With Style

Eclectic Toronto Loft Decorated With Style

This beautiful loft is situated in Toronto, in the King West area. It has a modern and very chic interior and lots of inspiring elements. The interior of the apartment was designed by Toronto-based studio Rad Design. If you analyze the whole place, you’ll see that it’s filled with designer pieces.

Let’s start with the main living area. It’s an open plan which also includes the kitchen. Personally, I prefer the kitchen to be a separate room but there are lots of advantages for such a design too. In this case, a dividing wall between the kitchen and the living room would have only made the two areas seem small and cramped.

The kitchen island divides the two functions. The living area is very interesting. The texture of the ceiling is eye-catching and the painting hanging above the sofa seems to emphasize its unusual look.

Gray is the dominant color in the living area, although there are some small yellow accents as well. The kitchen area is a combination of white and gray just like the rest of the space. A colorful wall display becomes a focal point in here as well. The bedroom is a little darker than the rest of the loft. It features different shades of gray combined with black and a few white accents. The pink rug is definitely the spot of color the room needed.

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