Easy Ways To Get Your Kiddos To Clean Up

Easy Ways To Get Your Kiddos To Clean Up

Who has kids? Who has a messy house? It’s no surprise families with children have a hard time keeping things neat and tidy. But don’t worry, we’ve got some helpful solutions coming your way. Instead of trying to push the kids out of the way so you can try and clean, give them a job, a task or a game.  Make sure to jot down these ideas and put the little ones to work.

1. Use boxes.

Whether they’re canvas cubes, baskets or just regular ole’ plastic crates, boxes work! They’re great to organize with but they’re also easy to label and clean up with. Best part, they can still be super stylish and add to the room’s vision. Just because it’s easy and functional doesn’t mean it can’t be cute too! Just grab the right amount of boxes (of any sort) that match the room’s palette to organize craft supplies or toys. Then when it’s time to clean up the kids know right where to throw the mess into.

2. Follow the leader.

The little ones always want to be like mommy and daddy, or better yet, big brother and sister. When it’s time to start teaching your toddlers how to do the “bigger kid” chores, have them follow around you or their older bro to learn how to do it right. When you dust, give them a cloth and play a bit of Simon Says so it’s fun!

3. ABC, 123.

When it’s time to clean up the books, try having them put the books up in alphabetical order. This not only a great way to get the room picked up  but they’re also participating in an activity to keep them occupied and learning! The same thing goes to counting the their toys. For example, make sure the kids put all their crayons away and count all 10 to make sure they’re not missing any!

4. Make believe.

Sometimes your not in the mood to clean. That means your kids will almost never be in the mood to clean. So how about using a bit of make believe to get their bed made or their room picked up? Is your little girl really the princess of the castle and her princess pals are coming over for a tea party? Well, her bed should be made and her Barbies picked up before they arrive!

5. Playing hoops.

There are so many dirty clothes in the house aren’t there? And there are so many on the floor too. Turn a quick dirty clothes clean-up into a quick game of hoops. Use the clothes as the balls and the laundry basket as the hoops!