DIY Pom-Pom Accessories For A Fun And Colorful Look

DIY Pom-Pom Accessories For A Fun And Colorful Look

Pom-poms have become quite popular lately. These lovely and fluffy little balls can be used for all sorts of projects, from accessories like bracelets and necklaces to all sorts of accent details for shoes and clothes. Let’s take a look at a few inspiring projects.

Pom-pom clutch.

Take a regular clutch and sew on little fluffy pom-poms. Add them all layer by layer. You can use different colors or shades that match the clutch. It’s a nice way to give this accessory a fun makeover.{found on courtandhudson}.

Pom-pom cowl.

Take a piece of linen, cut it to size and make a rectangle. Then sew the ends together to make a cowl. But before you do that, attach a pom-pom trim. You can use two different colors, one for each side.{found on purlbee}.

Pom-pom earrings.

You can also add tiny pom-poms to your earrings. They would have to have a shape that allows you to attach the pom-poms. Glue them on and wrap colored thread around the earring to cover up the metal.{found on transientexpression}.

Pom-pom headband.

For this project you need a large clover pom-pom maker. Open half of it and wrap it with wool. Do the same with the other half. Close and secure the pom-pom maker and cut the wool through the middle all the way around the clover maker. Release the pom-pom, trim it and secure it to the headband.{found on apairandasparediy}.

Pom-pom scarf.

You can basically add a pom-pom trim to any kind of scarf. Just choose a color that you think would look nice in combination with the scarf and get to work.{found on purlbee}.

Pom-pom necklace.

First attach the chain to the outer edge of the pom-pom trim with jump rings. Then thread the cord through each jump ring. Add a jump ring to the first link of the chain and pierce it through the cord. Do the same thing with the last link.{found on honestlywtf}.

Pom-pom sandals.

Add a little color to your sandals with pom-poms. Make two pom-poms out of wood and attach them to the sandals with glue. Then you can also glue little pom-poms to the strap of the sandals if you want.{found on handmadecharlotte}.

Another pom-pom necklace.

Wrap yarn around your fingers 40-50 times. Then wrap a piece of yarn perpendicularly around it and push it between your fingers. Make the pom-pom and repeat with different colors. Then attach them to your necklace chain.{found on designimprovised}.

Pom-pom pin.

Fold the fabric in half four times and put a pin at the bottom. Then cut fringe into one open end of the fabric. Unpin and unfold the fabric, thread the needle and knot the ends. Sew a loose running stitch on the unfringed end. Put a pin on the back side.{found on lovelyindeed}.

Hair pom-pom.

Make a few pom-poms with a pom-pom maker and tie a bobby pin to them. It’s that simple. You can make as many as you want, in different colors and with different textures.{found on starsforstreetlights}.

Pom-pom brooch.

First, make the pom-poms. Attach some pins to the back. No sewing is necessarily. You can just slip them under the strand of yarn you used to tie the pom-pom together.{found on caughtonawhim}.

Pom-pom hat.

You can also add a little color to your raffia sunhat. Make one or two colorful pom-poms and either glue them to the hat or sew them on. You can do something similar for your flip-flops and create a matching outfit.{found on henryhappened}.

Large pom-pom scarf.

Another way of adding pom-poms to a scarf is to basically just sew them on. You can make pom-poms in different colors and just sew them onto the scarf in a random pattern.{found on orstreetlights}.

Pom-pom corsage.

Cut a bunch of little circles out of fabric. Fold them in 4 and add more and more folded circles until you get a fluffy pom-pom. Stitch them together in the middle. Then sew the pom-pom to the baking of the corsage and add the pin.{found on starsforstreetlights}.

Simple pom-pom necklace.

This necklace is made of pom-pom trim. You just have to choose the color you want, measure how long you want the necklace to be and cut it to size. Add a piece of chain at one end and some necklace clasps.{found on site}.