DIY Masks And Headbands For Adults That Know How To Have Fun

DIY Masks And Headbands For Adults That Know How To Have Fun

Kids love Halloween because of all the candy but they’re not the only ones that can’t wait to have fun. Adults see the holiday as an opportunity to embrace the child inside them and to pick crazy and fun costumes. What do you say we make something ourselves this year? Maybe a cute headbands or a funny mask. Here are some examples.

Here’s how you can make a Minnie Mouse Ears Headband: start crocheting around a black headband and then make the ears – four round circles. Sew two ears together and then attach them to the headband and sew a red bow on as well.{found on allaboutami}.

To make this headband you need gauge wire, black felt, fabric, ribbon and tulle. First you wrap wire around the headband, then you add the tulle, silver fringe and the flowers you;ve made out of fabric. At the end, you attach the bats.{found on flamingotoes}.

How about you try on a catty outfit this year? You can make the ears yourself: you need two colors of felt, a fabric-covered headband and stuffing and it’s very easy to make.[found on scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom}.

To make a ping pong eyeball headband you need pipe cleaners, ping pong balls, colored felt, a marker and glue. You paint the eyes on the balls, you coil the pipe cleaners, you insert them into the balls and then you secure them onto the headband.{found on tallystreasury}.

Superheroes are awesome and so are polka dots so how about you combine them? You need a mask and a cape and they’re not exactly difficult to make.{found on cherishedbliss}.

It can also be fun to make a classy masquerade mask. You need a mask, feathers and glue. You can also add some gemstones if you want some sparkle.{found on fortheloveof}.

This is another version of the cat ear headband but this one is less cute and more sexy. It has leather ears attached to a stretchy headband comb.{found on lovemaegan}.

Instead of a mark, you can try giving a pair of sunglasses a festive makeover. It’s very easy. You need pipe cleaners and glue.{found on site}.