DIY collars – chic accessories that bring back the vintage

DIY collars – chic accessories that bring back the vintage

Maybe you haven’t paid attention to this detail, but the collar can really spruce up an outfit. We’re not talking just about shirts or other types of clothes that usually have collars but about individual collar accessories which you can wear with almost anything. A beautiful collar can give your outfit a vintage or classical look or it can add a modern and unconventional touch to a simple outfit.

This gold collar is the perfect classical touch for an elegant dress. Make a template, cut the collar out of a piece of leather and spray paint it.{found on apairandasparediy}.

Also chic but quite different, this collar is made from two pieces. They are held together with ribbon at the back and with a button at the front.{found on honestlywtf}.

The ruffles on this collar make it perfect for an elegant and crazy night out but also for a day at the office. To make it, you need felt or fabric and ribbon which you stitch onto the felt and tie into a bow.[found on sketch42blog}.

This is a detachable collar which you can cut out from an actual shirt and then spruce up a little with a few feminine details you can make out of fabric scraps you have lying around in the house.{found on ecouterre}.

This is a similar collar. You cut it off of a shirt and then you start painting on it. Make polka dots, daisies or anything else you want. Let the paint dry and start drawing the outlines. It’s best to make one daisy at a time.{found on runwaydiy}.