Design a Home Bar – A place where you can entertain

Design a Home Bar – A place where you can entertain

If you are keen about the idea of having a bar in your home, there are ways to make it chic and stylish, or more traditional – it all depends on your décor desires. Here are some design options for a home bar so that it will be a great place where you can entertain.

The Classic Option.

A classic bar design is a nod to traditional décor. It’s perfect if you’re the type of person who appreciates sophistication and you want your bar to blend into the rest of your home’s timeless design. Wood is a material that works well in the traditional bar décor style, with a chandelier added in to create a luxurious feeling.

The Blended Bar.

You might wish to have a home bar in your kitchen, so this is where the blended bar design comes in. Basically, you can entertain your guests at this bar that can double up as your kitchen countertop when it’s time to make a delicious meal. Modern barstools and a classy granite countertop create a chic atmosphere that is versatile for both the bar and kitchen.

Basement Bar.

The basement might be the perfect place to have a bar, especially if it’s where your wine collection is stored. Here you can create a more casual and comfortable bar – yes, bars can evoke comfort! That’s the great thing about a home bar: you can make the bar a spot where you and your guests relax.Throw in some plush cushions and comfortable chairs.

Trendy Bar.

You might want to have a bar that screams trendiness and makes you feel like you’re out on the town when you’re actually at home on a Friday night, so this is where the hipper version of the home bar comes into play. While stone and granite can give home bars a comfortable element, flashier colors and sharper materials such as chrome increase the bar’s style quotient. You can also add some colorful lights to create a club effect.

Bold Colors for the Bar

Red is an example of a great bold color to use when designing a home bar. Spotlights can also be added to bold colors to accentuate a city-like effect.

The Corner Bar.

You don’t need a large area in your home where you can set up a bar; small spaces can work just as well. A great DIY tip to remember when designing a bar is that, although you might not need a lot of things other than a counter, shelves and bar stools, making sure you choose eye-catching designs for these items quickly makes your bar much more attractive. Contemporary bar stool designs, for instance, can add style easily.