Delicious Despicable Me Cakes Approved By The Minions

Delicious Despicable Me Cakes Approved By The Minions

It’s hard not to fall in love with those adorable little minions from Despicable Me when they all look so cute and innocent. Kids sure love them all and adults don’t mind sharing their admiration either. So a delicious Despicable Me Birthday cake would be something everyone would enjoy.

Obviously, the minions are the attraction so pick your favorite and make a cake that looks exactly like that. With a cake-friendly shape like this one, it’s not hard to get the details right.

Minions love cakes too and they especially like pancakes. I’m sure the guests wouldn’t mind eating everything on the plate and adding things like muffins, fruits and cupcakes would actually be perfect if you need a bigger cake and would rather have more than a minion on the table.

Or maybe your minion would enjoy sitting on top of a cake. This sounds like a pretty interesting idea, to have your cake sit on cake.

Dress the minion for party and give it a colorful party hat.

I guess a female minion would be called a minionette which sounds pretty cute actually. So go ahead, give her a pink dress and braid her hair.

Perhaps it would be easier to have the minion lie down. Get gravity out of the way and focus on the little details.

This one is a bit fluffy which makes it look ever more adorable. I guess you could make something like this yourself.

Technically, this is just a big, round, yellow cake with a cute face on top but you get the message.

Feel free to personalize the cake however you want. Add your kid’s name and age on it for example.

There are tons of wonderful cake designs which can be adapted starting from this idea. Some can be pretty funny.

But minions aren’t your only option. After all, they’re not the only characters in the movie so you can also try something more general.

Maybe include a few other colors apart from blue and yellow.