Decorating With Balloons When Planning A Baby Shower

Decorating With Balloons When Planning A Baby Shower

In some countries, the pending or recent birth of a child is celebrated with a baby shower. It’s a happy occasion and everyone showers the mother-to-be with gifts. The décor for the party is always super cute and often includes balloons. They come all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors and can be used in tons of creative ways.

You can use balloons at a baby shower to decorate the mother-to-be’s chair. It’s cute and simple and the balloons can feature symbolic colors such as pink if she’s expecting a baby girl or blue for a boy.

Themed balloon sculptures are also a nice idea.

Balloons can be made to look like bubbles. Use them to decorate the bar. You can glue the balloons to the wall instead of just letting them sit all over the place.

If the baby shower is an outdoor event, you can decorate the porch with balloons. Just look how lovely these pink flowers are.

And how about some interesting balloon crafts? It can be something abstract and colorful or something a bit more specific.

A baby made from lots of small balloons? That could look cute but, of course, it’s a little tricky. You wouldn’t want it to look creepy and ruin the mood.

Here’s another nice idea for an outdoor baby shower. The wind might become a problem so check the weather before you plan the décor.

A balloon inside a balloon. That sure looks interesting and it’s a simple and chic idea which you can use when planning the centerpieces for the baby shower.

Or you can decorate the balloons with pom-poms and ribbons.

It bet it would be really fun to set up a décor like this one using different-colored balloons and matching ribbons.

Make mini hot air balloon party favors using small buckets or cups, ribbon, sticks and balloons.

If you’ve decided on a single color for the baby shower, then only get balloons in that particular color. You could combine various different shades when decorating the room.

Since it’s a baby shower, the décor should be fun and colorful. Mix and match large balloons in several different colors but keep the rest of the décor simple.

Put polka dot confetti inside a white or clear balloons before inflating it.

What better location for a baby shower than the nursery room. It already looks cute and lovely so all it needs add a few festive balloons.