Creative Storage Ideas For Your Jewelry

Creative Storage Ideas For Your Jewelry

Storing all of your jewelry in one place such as, let’s say a drawer, is not very practical. They all get tangled up plus it become really difficult to find the thing you need. You waste time and you also damage your jewelry. The solution to this problem is simple: be organized and find a practical way to store your necklaces, bracelets and everything else.

You don’t have to spend money buying things. You can come up with your own storage system. Just use things you already have in your home. Repurposing and recycling is always a good idea. For example, you can use a cupcake stand to store your jewelry in categories and on different levels. You can also use different boxes or containers of different shapes and sizes.

You can repurpose just about anything if you’re creative enough. A grater, for example, is excellent for displaying and storing earrings. For your necklaces, you can use a rake. You can also make something yourself. Go outside and find a branch you like. Put it in a planter or containers so it stays up straight and then display your jewelry there. You can find numerous other creative ideas in the photos. Feel free to personalize them and to come up with ideas of your own.

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