Creative DIY Projects You Can Try For Your Wedding Day

Creative DIY Projects You Can Try For Your Wedding Day

Sure, it’s easy to delegate all the tasks that need to be taken care of before your wedding day to professionals but the whole experience would be more personal and unique if you were to also include a little of DIY charm. And you don’t have to do everything yourself as long as you have friends and relatives willing to help.

Depending on the style you’ve chosen for the wedding reception, you can choose from a variety of great DIY projects and even come up with ideas yourself. For example, a rustic wedding could include DIY banners and garlands or bottle centerpieces made of recycled items.

A modern wedding could feature simpler accents such as washi tape placeholders or a DIY flower bouquet made of unconventional materials such as paper.

You can craft cute paper roses for the escort cards or you can make paper butterflies to use as boutonnieres. The ladies can receive handcrafted bracelets decorated with paper flowers.

Make DIY flower chandeliers to hang in the reception room. They’re just like flower wreaths which you hang from the ceiling with fishing string or yarn.{found on projectwedding}.

Another part where you can be really creative has to do with wedding favors. There are tons of DIY projects you can try such as baked cakes, cookies, lollipops, cocktails, framed photos, herb soaps, etc.

If you want to also preserve something from each guest, you can offer them colored cards and personalized pens so they can write a message for the bride and groom. You can then put those together in a book.