Create an Urban Oasis

Create an Urban Oasis

Establishing your home as a sanctuary doesn’t mean it has to be located outside of the city. Here are some ways to make your home more inviting and refreshing.

Use Space for an Outside Area.

You don’t need a large amount of space in the backyard where you can relax and unwind, or even entertain guests. A simple table with chairs is all that’s needed. You can create a rustic effect by choosing wooden outdoor furniture, and adding a bit of greenery with plant life.

Glamorous Garden Ideas

You could go a few steps further and create a sanctuary seating area in the garden, with a canopy or tent as well as the use of romantic lighting. Feel the day’s stresses melt away as you switch into island mode!

Go Large with the View.

Large windows are not only great for gardens, but the big city that you overlook at night. The flash of lights and blue sky are invigorating. This is also an easy way to create glamorous art in the home without having to hang a painting on the wall. A great tip for establishing an urban oasis ambiance is to have a beautiful natural view: it’s as though you’re bringing the spectacular outdoors inside.

Modern and Serene.

Let nature inside your home to create a feeling of serenity. Earthy tones in the bedroom can solidify the look. Small streams of green décor, along with wood and purity of white, work in harmony to make the room a relaxing spot in the house.

Vintage Sanctuary.

You can also design a vintage room that is trendy yet soothing. Comforting textures are important, and you can mix them with bolder elements, such as brass or gold that is stylishly retro.

Urban Glamour.

Sleek and shiny surfaces can work well to infuse the space with glamour, creating an urban oasis of a more decadent nature. This is city life at its most alluring!

Softer shades in the kitchen can still conceptualize urban glamour, however they bring in a comforting element that one wants in the kitchen. Mix shiny metal surfaces with humble white and earthy tones for a beautiful interaction. The result? A warm, elegant kitchen.