Cool Small Tattoos And Suitable Places To Get Them

Cool Small Tattoos And Suitable Places To Get Them

Getting a tattoo seems like such a permanent and bold thing to do for a lot of people and it takes a lot of time to even build up the courage to take such a decision. But once you’re ready to take this step, the next difficult task is deciding where you want the tattoo. If it’s small, there are a lot of options to explore.

For example, the inner wrist is one of the most popular places to get tattoos. It’s still a visible spot even though it can be easily hidden by simply not exposing that part of your wrist and it actually looks pretty nice, almost like having a permanent bracelet.

Another popular spot is on the ankle. It’s also one of the least painful spots to get tattooed on. A small tattoo on the ankle also looks very feminine and cute.

Getting your ear tattooed seems like an odd thing to do but once you see how the end result looks like you actually become interested in the idea. Ear tattoos can look very delicate and girly because they’re always small.

If you’d rather not get a tattoo on your ear, try getting one behind the ear, where it’s a bit more private. You can easily hide it if you have long hair and only show it off when you want to.

A tattoo on the inner arm, no matter how small it may be, is still difficult to hide unless you wear long sleeves so take this into consideration before you make a final decision. Of course, if you don’t really intend to hide it, the inner arm is a great place for a tattoo.

Things are quite similar for an inner bicep tattoo, although it will probably hurt a bit more to get a tattoo in that area.

If you want something small, cute and feminine, try a tattoo on the side of your finger. There are all sorts of funny ideas that come to mind so explore the concept thoroughly.

You may be able to hide a tattoo that’s on the side of your finger and only display it whenever you feel like it, but if you tattoo the top of your fingers, that’s a whole different story. The only way to hide these is with gloves so this option is not for everyone although it remains a popular choice.

Tattoos on the back of the shoulder are usually really sexy and feminine. Since there’s quite a bit of space there, you have more freedom in choosing the theme and size of the tattoo as well as the shape.

The upper shoulder is also an interesting place for a tattoo but it’s more painful because there’s more bone in that particular area. However, given the location, not all kinds of tattoos would look ok here.

If you’re feeling particularly courageous, you can get a tattoo on the actual shoulder but keep in mind that it will definitely hurt. Even though it’s not a very private spot, you can easily hide the tattoo even if you wear a t-shirt.

It has become a really popular practice to get tattoos on the foot. The way they follow the curve is really graceful and elegant. This spot is a good choice for both small or elaborate tattoos.

If one of your main concerns is to be able to hide the tattoo without much inconvenience, then try the lower back or upper beck area. It’s a nice spot for a small tattoo such as a symbol.

Spine tattoos are not that popular. First of all, they really hurt and also, the spine area doesn’t offer a lot of options. It should either be a script tattoo or something that follows this thin line.

And finally, there’s the rib cage tattoo that poses a few problems. It’s not an option for those with low pain tolerance but, on the other hand, the area is coverable and there are tons of different tattoo designs to choose from of all shapes and sizes.