Cool short box braids hairstyles for black women

Cool short box braids hairstyles for black women

With the rising popularity of Bob hairstyles, it is natural for them to spread across all categories of people in every corner of the globe. It’s not just the hairstyles of business women and models on the catwalks. Bob cuts are the styles every woman can take from Asia to Africa to the United States. So it is not surprising that black women could take over the trend in their own way. Well, there are two options for black ladies. One is to relax hair and to boast a straight bob. But there will be some difficulties with styling and care. So there is the second and best option – Short hairstyles , Yes, these are the very protective hairstyles, but by Bob cut length. Is not it great to wear your comfortable locs and wear one of the hippest cuts of our time? In any case, these styles are worth a try.

Best Short-box braids

Here you will find a short gallery with some ideas Short hairstyles for black women , Give your imagination space and play with moor and micro pigtails, with colors and pearls. This will give you a unique look.

Overgrown bob length box braids hairstyles

Short-protection Hairstyles Trendy short box braids

Long Bob Bix Braids Hairstyles [19659010] cute-short-bo-length-braids

Actually, when discussing Braune’s hairstyles through short boxing, we also need to consider that there are other styles as well. Take, for example, Senegalese twists or yarn braids. They all look nothing short of fantastic on short lengths that are just so hip. If you do not want to go short chin length, then you can adopt a different style – praise cut. The overgrown Bob can always be pretty and trendy if you let him grow to the shoulders. This is very nice for protective styles and the length allows for some styling options.

Streetstyle short box braids hairstyles

Street Style Short box braids

Short box braids with pearls

As always, let’s look at some streetstyle inspirations. The best looks come from beauty rabbits who invent their own styles and rock in the streets. Take the above-mentioned young lady with short braids and a cute hat. Is not that a nice way to look today?

Ultra trendy Bob hairstyles from box braids

black women short box braids cool bob length box braids

In a word, you can see for yourself how cool he can briefly Locs look. So go ahead and take the current trend to get the image you dreamed of.