Contemporary Residence Partially Buried Into The Ground

Contemporary Residence Partially Buried Into The Ground

Remember those hobbit houses from The Lord of the Rings that were buried underground? They were certainly interesting and they actually exist along with a multitude of other underground homes around the world.It’s that image that first came to mind when we saw this interesting-looking residence.

Partially buried into the ground, the house features a contemporary design and architecture and combines the excitement of asymmetrical lines with the more conservative symmetry which you can see in the case of the front facade, for example.

It’s called the Earth House and it was designed by Molos Group. Every little detail and angle were taken into consideration when designing the house and everything came out just perfect.

The landscape lighting was purposefully chosen to highlight the unique architecture and to also maintain the visual aesthetic and the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

The entryway is rather dramatic, featuring a pathway over the water. Earth and water and both important parts of the design and, as you enter, there’s also what seems to be a porch with a large void open to the sky.

Both the indoor and the outdoor lounge areas are wrapped in grass and offer beautiful views. The dining room has a small balcony and there’s a very nice sense of privacy and coziness offered by the grass and earth that cover part of the house.