Conor McGregor haircut

Conor McGregor haircut

Conor McGregor’s hairstyle seems to be one of the UFC’s coolest male hairstyles. Although McGregor is a tough MMA fighter, he is surprisingly stylish and fashionable. Although Conor McGregor’s hairstyle and beard change regularly, the most popular short hairstyle of the MMA star is the undercut. In addition, McGregor sometimes gets shaved pages or a high skin color and styled his hair up with a hard side part or smooth back. In terms of style, the only thing that’s certain is that McGregor’s beard is always long and full!

Best Conor McGregor Hair

While you may not be able to fight like him, guys can definitely try to get the Conor McGregor hairstyle. Although his hair is popular with MMA and UFC types, anyone with straight, thick hair can get his look. Whether you like McGregor’s short or long hair, the MMA Champion offers a great style that you should definitely try!

Check out the best Conor McGregor hairstyles!

Conor McGregor haircut

Conor McGregor Haircut - Hartteilkamm over + thick line

Conor McGregor’s hairstyle is usually kept short, with a comb over it and fading or undercutting on the sides. The only thing that never changes is his signature beard. Here, the UFC star rocks a high fade around his head with a side panel.

Taper fade + side part + beard

Conor McGregor Haircut - Taper Fade + Side Part + Beard

Here, McGregor holds the side panel but lets his hair grow longer. He also has a taper on both sides that connect with sideburns, completing the look with a thick beard.

Shaved sides + long straight back hair

Conor McGregor Hair - Shaved Page + Long Straight Back Hair

McGregor changes his usual cut by shaving the sides of his head completely. He combines the haircut with a long, thick back. His full beard is still intact.

Short crest on fading

Conor McGregor Haircut - Short Comb Over Fade

The MMA fighter lets the sides of his hair grow out and cuts it into a high fade. The hair on his head is cut shorter but styled into a subtly textured comb and beard.

High blemish + full beard

Conor McGregor Hair - High Skin Patch + Beard

Here, McGregor has a high skin fade and longer hair on the top, making it natural and un-styled. He lets his thick beard grow out long.

Slicked back undercut + beard

Conor McGregor Haircut Styles - Slicked Back Undercut + Beard

Shown here, McGregor rocks a full undercut undercut. The longer hair on the top makes styling easier. While still visible, his beard is nourished and cut into a tamed version that adds to the sleek style.

Buzz Cut + Thick Beard

Conor McGregor Hairstyle - Buzz Cut + Thick Beard

McGregor decides to get rid of his hair almost completely; He changed his style to something the fans had never seen before. He rocks a very short buzz cut and lets his beard grow thicker and more unkempt.

Long comb over + fade + beard

Conor McGregor hairstyle - long comb over + fade + beard [19659004] The famous fighter chooses a rugged, good-looking look with a fade on the sides and a long, angled ridge top. The hair is long enough to fall slightly over his forehead, but it is styled back and sideways so it stays in place. A good pomade or a hair wax are necessary to get this look.

Rejuvenating sides + long comb

Conor McGregor hair - tapered sides + long crest

Here Conor McGregor lets the sides of his hair grow for a classic haircut. His longer hairstyle is transformed into a cool, textured comb, giving it a very natural look.

High Fade + Messy Quiff + Cool Beard

Conor McGregor Hairstyles - High Fade + Messy Quiff + Beard [19659004] With buzzing pages and untidy quiff at the top, the fighter struggles to create a trendy ruffled look for a more natural feel. Its distinctive, robust beard completes the look.