Classic french nail designs with a modern and playful twist

Classic french nail designs with a modern and playful twist

French manicure is something everyone is familiar with. It’s easy to replicate. You shape the nails, apply a coat of pink polish, then a second one and you paint the tips white. This is the classic approach. But you can be creative and come up with new ideas for the same type of design.

For example, instead of using white nail polish for the tips, you can use a different color. I particularly like blue or red but just go with the color that you prefer. Of course, you can also use another color for the actual nail as well. An interesting idea can be to create contrasts. For example, you can use a dark color for the nail and something light like white or yellow for the tips.

You can also play with different other ideas. Instead of simply combining colors, you can also use pattern. After you’ve painted the nails and the tips, add some color on top of the finished design. Another idea I really like is using a different color for each nail tip, preferably something bold or neon colors. You can also experiment with different shapes or geometric designs. Instead of following the natural contour of the nail, try a different approach a more eye-catching look. If you do that, then it’s best to use simple colors to let the shapes stand out more.

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