Choose the Right Trim Color

Choose the Right Trim Color

The color you use as trimming in your room is important. It often has more clever uses than just being pretty. Here are some tips on how to choose the right trimming depending on your décor needs.

White is Right.

White is often a popular color for room trimming. When used against beige or slightly darker wall paint, white creates a contrast which is eye-catching. White used around the window frames can also help to make a room appear brighter and larger.

Darker Trimmings Ease Proportion.

The use of a darker trim color can be helpful in rooms where the ceiling is too high, making the space appear too large. A thick trim can also work well to create proportion in a room.

Colorful Trimmings.

You don’t have to paint all windows with a trimming color – even just one can have a great effect. A bright color, such as the green used in the image above, brightens up the room and works excellently against the white furnishings of the kitchen. When choosing the right trim color for aesthetic purposes, take your room’s décor colors into account. You don’t have to match them to make the trimming work – a contrast can be the most powerful choice.

Décor Items with Trimmings Included.

Sometimes décor items already have a border of color, which can be an interesting trim idea for an eclectic room. For instance, curtains that have trimming in a bright color uplift the room. It looks as if the windows have their own trim, but rather it is the curtains themselves.

Wooden Trimming that Works.

The beauty about wooden trimming is that it is versatile with various room designs, such as traditional, modern, and rustic. Wooden trimmings create a sophisticated and cozy feeling in a room. Make sure your wooden trimming matches the shade of some of the wooden furniture in the room, so that you create harmony in your décor.

Glossy Trim.

Glossy trim, when used on the ceilings and/or walls, can be a lovely choice instead of matte paint. Gloss has a highlighting effect that will also make the room appear more opulent and striking.