Chic Ways To Tie Scarves This Spring

Chic Ways To Tie Scarves This Spring

A scarf can be the perfect accessory to your outfit, especially during spring. But it’s not all about the material from which the scarf is made or the color. It’s also about how you wear it. Knowing how to tie your scarf can prove to be very useful. There are lots of different ways to do that.

For example, the twist and pull is quite popular. Fold your scarf in half and place it around your neck with the loop on the right. Take one of the ends and thread it between the loop. Twist the loop and pull the bottom side towards the top, then thread the other end through it.

A much simpler way to tie your scarf is by folding it in half just like the first time and then simply thread the two ends between the loop. An even simpler option can be to just wrap the scarf around your neck once and let the ends dangle.

Of course, the way you wear your scarf also has to do with its design. Infinity scarves don’t really give you many choices. You can, for example, let it hang with one long loop or wrap it around twice.

Here’s another option: wrap the scarf around your neck twice, take the right end and thread it between the two loops. Tuck the left end between the loops and that’s it.

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