Chic Rockers for the Nursery

Chic Rockers for the Nursery

Decorating a nursery is a bit of an enigma, don’t you think? I mean, the sweet little bundle for whom the nursery is reserved won’t notice or care what color her rug is or what print is on his rocking chair’s throw pillow. We know this, yet I believe we still find pleasure in decorating nurseries for our sakes – as adults, we want the nursery to be a place that brings us joy and that, eventually, will bring joy to our child.

Of course, an integral part of nursery joy is rocking with the baby. No nursery is complete without some sort of rocking chair! In light of this, here are several super chic, yet still practical, examples:

The modern lines of this rocker work fantastically in this serene nursery. A lovely shade of grey, a wide seat, and clean rocker framework come together to create a comfortable and chic rocking chair. Interesting chair back angles complement the contemporary nursery style while also keeping things from being too squarish. I appreciate how care is taken to avoid squarishness all around the room, with the birch forest wallpaper, orb chandelier, and graphic circles on the crib.

This is a typical (well, kind of) skirted upholstered rocker-recliner, but it really ups the ante on sophistication in that muted shade of lime green. The color works particularly well on this chair because of its smaller scale – it’s not aesthetically overpowering. Plus, the chair’s ultra-plush padding makes it ideal for a nursery for comfort and function.

This extra wide tufted rocker is like a loveseat…with modernized wingback sentiments. It’s a lovely blend of backgroundish neutrality and fabulous stand-out detailing. For example, at first glance, one can’t really tell (or doesn’t notice) it’s a rocker at all until examining the space very closely. The luxuriously comfortable chair is perfectly at home in this cozy, filled nursery.

This Eames rocker may be a bite-sized version of the real thing, but it’s still a very chic nursery rocker. While this particular chair may not be geared for a sleepy parent’s lengthy feeding and rocking sessions, it certainly doesn’t lack for comfort or style. The classic silhouette is fantastic in a nursery space, and it welcomes children to play in (or under) or read or relax. Very sweet.