Chic mid-length hair for 2018

Chic mid-length hair for 2018

The best thing about medium-long hair is that anyone can do it. This cut flatters all hair, types and textures and facial features. If you are ready to go for different experiments, then you can be sure to wear a headgear that will definitely lift you out of the crowd. These special hairstyles are inspired by popular beauty bloggers and trendsetters who always go one step further. If you too want a top look, wear one of these medium length hairstyles for 2018 , Medium long hair with bangs

Medium long hair with bangs

Pony and humpback can be bumped together for a long time, such as side-swept fringes. This is really a perfect cut for middle hair women. It is a classic and elegant style, suitable for any occasion. In addition to the beautiful cut, the hair also has a cute ombre design. Therefore, the natural-looking appearance was perfectly maintained. Medium long hair with bangsChoppy Blond Bob

Mid-length hairstyles for women can be quite edgy. This special bob is the shorter side of the medium. The uneven layers spice up the look and accentuate the overall hairstyle. If you are looking for fun and youth then consider this option as well. It’s pretty easy to copy this style if you have a suitable texture. The blonde hue helps to complete the overall impression. Choppy Blonde BobVoluminous bob

This is a traditional version of Bob Haircut. The levels help Bob add a lot of volume. The design is shag, disheveled and messy. This cut is about well-placed layers that add a body to the cut. The tangled hair gives the look a sexy touch. However, it is a flexible headgear that is suitable for all occasions so you can rock it every now and then. Voluminous bobSide-swept style

While the rest of the hairstyle is ideal for women of all ages and ethnic backgrounds, this particular bob is great for African American women. This is something that all black women should peel off as it will look good on their natural thick strands. What about the blond shade? It flatters the dark complexion of the model and gives her hair extra pop. Side-swept stylePraise for straight hair

This timeless cut is absolutely gorgeous! The bob has shoulder length so he has a lot of hair to play with and creates an eye-catching style. The difference between this Bob and others is that he wears no layers. If you think that praise without layers will have a boring and simple look then keep the focus on the color. The blonde shadow is really chic when combined with different highlights. Praise for straight hair

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