Chic DIY Bracelets To Try This Summer

Chic DIY Bracelets To Try This Summer

Bracelets are among the most popular types of jewelry and they come in a variety of designs, materials, sizes, colors and styles. There are many bracelet designs which you can make yourself and this will add a very nice and original touch to your entire look and outfit. So let’s see what you can make this summer to spice up your image. Choose the colors you like and don’t be afraid to customize the designs.

DIY wrap bangles.

These bracelets are very easy to make and they look great in all sorts of combinations of colors. You need a set of bangles, embroidery floss, charms, jump rings, glue, pliers and scissors. Put a little it of blue onto the bangle and then start wrapping the embroidery floss around it. Then attach the jump rings and the charms.{found on honestlywtf}.

Leather belt.

Be creative and chic and turn a leather belt into a bracelet. You’ll need a hammer, a nail, scissors and a pencil. Wrap the belt around your wrist three times and mark where a hole should be. Then make the hole using the nail and hammer. Cut the belt and you’re done.{found on bywilma}.

DIY braided rhinestone bracelet.

For this design you’ll need a rhinestone bracelet, a bunch of silk thread, silver thread and an embroidery needle. Make a thin metal wire and then make a 12’’ bunch of silk thread. Make a knot at the end and wrap the wire around tightly. Braid the thread, wrap more silver wire around the end and trim the excess. Sew the braid to the bracelet.{found on honestlywtf}.

Fishtail bracelet.

These fishtail bracelets are perfect for the casual type. To make them you need faux-suede cord, Chinese knotting cord, a button or hex nut, a thread burner and some scrap yarn. Fold the cord in half and tie a knot. Find the center and start wrapping the knotting cord. Weave it over and keep working in the same pattern. Tie a knot and add the button.{found on typicalhousecat}.

Woven bracelet.

Here’s how you can make a woven charm bracelet. You’ll need embroidery floss, a curb chain, charms, jump rings, headpins and pliers. Cut 8 strands of embroidery floss and knot them together. Separate them into two groups, lay them to the left of the bracelet and pull the right set from under the first link. Continue weaving until you reach the end. Trim the excess and add the charms.{found on honestlywtf}.

Another bracelet.

The materials needed for this bracelet are clear elastic cord, rhinestone, vinyl beads and scissors. Cut two pieces of elastic cord 3 times the circumference of your wrist. Loop one cord through the right holes of the rhinestone gems and the other cord through the left holes. Then loop the cords through the beads, double knot the elastic cords and cut the excess.{found on swellmayde}.

Macrame bracelet.

To make these lovely macramé rhinestone bracelets you’ll need 3 yards of Chinese knotting cord, a large rhinestone button and a small one, an embroidery needle, tape, scissors and a lighter. Cut the cord into a 20’’ strand and a 60’’ strand. Fold the short one in half and tape it onto a working surface. Put the long one under the two middle strands and fold the right one over them and under the left cord. Continue the square knot and repeat. Then thread the large button and the small one.{found on honestlywtf}.

Leather Wrap Bracelet.

To make this leather bracelet you’re going to need wire clippers, a leather punch, brass paper fasteners and a leather wrap bracelet. Mark where you want the studs to go and make holes. Trim down a brad and push prongs through the hole, fold back the prongs and repeat.{found on thanksimadeitblog}.

Leather bracelet.

This is a very chic painted leather bracelet and to make something similar you’ll need snap hardware, a hammer and a hole punch tool. Measure where you want the hole to be and attach the snaps. As for the design and pattern, you can choose any colors and lines you want.{found on abeautifulmess}.

Sequin bracelet.

These bracelets are very easy to make. You need strung sequins, elastic cord, embroidery floss, scissors and a needle or pin. Cut 12’’ of elastic cord and tie a knot. Cut the embroidery floss into a few 2’’ pieces and half over the knot. Tie another strand into a knot at the top. Trim the ends and the tassel.{found on honestlywtf}.

Painted tribal bracelet.

If you don’t mind wooden bracelets maybe you’d like to try making some with tribal details. You’ll need some wooden bangle bracelets, tape and paint. Stain the entire bangle and then make a stencil. Stick the tape onto the bangle and paint the exposed wood. Peel off the stickers and you’re done.{found on dismountcreative}.

Braided Clay Bracelet.

Here’s another very interesting idea: make clay bracelets. You’ll need polymer clay and a razor blade. Knead the clay to soften it up and then roll out three long tubes. Mash the top of the tubes together and start braiding. Connect the two ends and mash. Bake the bracelets for 25 minutes at 245 degrees.{found on delightedmomma}.