Charming celebrity looks; Hairstyles at VMA 2018

Charming celebrity looks; Hairstyles at VMA 2018

The annual Video Music Awards took place for a few days, but we’re still discussing celebrity looks. And I am sure that for many of us they will be a source of inspiration. So, remember, first of all, that this award is not the most elegant look the place remember VMA 2018 and VMA 2017 , It’s about extravagant looks and self-expression. This year, however, proved to be different. Of course here was Nicki Minaj in a latex suit and a pink blond hairstyle. But there was also Paris Jackson, which made everyone fall in love with their image. In a word, girl, let’s scroll down and see this article Celebrity Hairstyles 2018 VMA Show has offered the world.

Best Celebrity Hairstyles 2017 VMA

From extra short to model long, that’s the range of hair looks that appeared on the Music Awards red carpet. So let’s all see.

Short pixie hairstyles from Video Music Awards

Pink Celebrity Hairstyles 2017 VMA Katy Perry Celebrity Hairstyles 2017 VMA

Short blonde Pixie hairstyles seem to be the number one trend. Although Pink has been wearing this style for a long time, he seems to be more alive due to the trend of Katy Perry and Cara Delevingne. A great way to change looks for this fall, uh

Celebrity wavy hairstyles for 2018

Demi Lovato Celebrity Hairstyles 2017 VMA Amber Rose Celebrity Hairstyles VMA 2017

Although the evening dresses or better say jumpsuits leave nothing of elegance, more of semitransparent semi-nude looks, the some celebrity hairstyles 2017 VMA deals are pretty elegant. Like the old Hollywood waves of Amber Rose. Who could ever think that this brunette with decent sides fingered hair, is the same Amber Rocking almost shaven blonde head?

Bobs and Lobs – Celebrity Hairstyles 2017 VMA

Lorde Celebrity Hairstyles VMA 2017

Vanessa Hudgens celebrity hairstyles VMA 2017

Nowhere to go without the added popular Bob cuts. This time it’s Madonna’s daughter Lorde, who introduced a most casual, yet inspiring Half Updo Bob Style. The other of Vanessa is blown back and looks harmonious with the black and red dress.

Page swept hairstyles from VMA red carpet

Paris Jackson Casual Hairstyles at VMA 2018 Hailey Baldwin Celebrity Hairstyles VMA 2018

Another obvious trend when it comes to red carpet hairstyles is simply sweeping hair on one side. An old and good solution. On Paris Jackson, however, it looks so fresh and modern. Light waves, creamy blonde ombre and medium-length hair. An excellent combination for now.

Celebrity midsection hairstyles

Nicki Minaj middle clever blonde hairstyles 2018 VMA

Hailee Steinfeld celebrity hairstyles 2018 VMA

Well, if you think that Midsection of hairstyles Here you are to change your mind looking at the rap star center barbie blond hair looked.

High ponytails Video Music Awards

Alessandra Ambrosio Celebrity Hairstyles VMA 2018
Last but not least, here is a simple ponytail. Actually, it turns into a high fashion style when we see it on model Alessandra Ambrosio. The secret lies in the texture and does not look very polished.