Butterfly Face-Painting Ideas To Try With The Little Ones (or alone)

Butterfly Face-Painting Ideas To Try With The Little Ones (or alone)

Ever wished you were a butterfly? They’re so delicate and beautiful we forget they were once puffy caterpillars. They only live for about 2 to 4 weeks but during that time they mesmerize us with their presence and they inspire us to come up with all sorts of cute projects like face-painting for example.

Although kids are those that usually get their cute little faces painted, adults can definitely enjoy it too and a colorful butterfly can suit you no matter how old you are. So what do you say? Will you give it a try?

Since butterflies can pretty much feature just about any color and most of them are pretty bold, you can use all sorts of vibrant colors and combinations. Kids usually prefer strong colors and their choices are usually pretty straight-forward.

But since adults are those putting the final touches on the designs, here are a few tips: use brighter colors if your kid has dark hair and combine colors that contrast with each other but don’t clash.

Find inspiration by looking at actual butterflies and then try to recreate the designs.

Don’t feel obligated to only focus on the butterfly. You can squeeze in a few cute little flowers too.

Avoid dark tones. They tend to look too dramatic and that’s not a suitable look for kids.

Want to try some butterfly face painting on yourself? That’s a lovely idea and there are tons of chic ways in which you can pull this off. Match the colors to your outfit and to your skin type. You can either be subtle by using neutral colors and only highlighting a few lines or you can be bold and go all out with a butterfly that really pops.