Burlap – It’s Not Just For Bags Anymore

Burlap – It’s Not Just For Bags Anymore

There has been a lot of recent buzz around burlap this fall, with stores selling a variety of items created from this utilitarian fabric. While burlap is most commonly known for its use as sacks and bags to ship goods like coffee beans, it can be incorporated into home décor in a variety of ways. Offering great flexibility, this humble can add texture to any space and accent any style, from traditional to modern, from rustic to classic.


Burlap is a very cost-effective material to be used as curtains, since drapery often demands several yards of fabric. While loose weaves will allow for light to pass through, choosing a tighter weave or adding a backing to the burlap is recommended.

Table Linens.

Another great place to incorporate burlap is on the dining room table. Like curtains, tablecloths and table runners often take several yards of fabric. While one might hesitate to use more expensive fabrics in an area that is prone to having food dropped, burlap is an affordable alternative. Other ways to incorporate burlap on the table is by making burlap placemats and coasters.


An easy way to accessorize a bedroom or living room is by adding throw pillows to the bed or couch, and burlap is a great choice of fabric for this. Fun designs can easily be stenciled onto the burlap using paint or ink to further unify the space’s décor.


Another way to use burlap in the bedroom is on the headboard. Burlap could easily be used to recover any existing headboard or, if you are the do-it-yourself type, the fabric could easily be used to create a tufted headboard as shown in this design.


And headboards aren’t the only place that this sturdy fabric can be used for upholstery; it is a great option for any piece of furniture that needs to be recovered. The use of printed burlap gives this traditional chair a fun, new life. And since it is such a sturdy material, it would be great used on items that take more wear, such as ottomans.

Bulletin Board.

Another item that takes a lot of wear and could benefit from the sturdy material is a bulletin board. Since items are usually changed often and pushpins can damage fabric, burlap, being such a hardy material, offers a good choice. This would be great for large bulletin boards above desks for the home office, or can be used as more of a feature, such as this framed burlap board.


Expanding on the bulletin board idea, this design features burlap as a wall covering. Because it is such an affordable material, it offers an inexpensive alternative to wallpaper, and adds beautiful texture to the walls.

Lampshades and Other Decor.

There are lots of other imaginative uses for burlap in the décor of a home, such as using it to recover a lampshade. The burlap adds a unique texture to the simple shade. While the flowers featured on this shade are made of felt, roses can also be made of burlap.

A bouquet of burlap roses placed in a mason jar vase would be a beautiful rustic touch for seasonal décor this fall. A wreath made out of burlap would give a warm welcome to visitors during the holidays, or used in centerpieces in a variety of ways, such as these stenciled burlap wrapped candles.

Overall, burlap is a very versatile material that makes a great addition to a variety of styles in a home and can be used in endless ways.