Bring Fresh Air To The Home – Indoor Landscaping Ideas

Bring Fresh Air To The Home – Indoor Landscaping Ideas

If you have a bit of nature indoors, there are some great ways to display it creatively. This can include the use of natural elements such as stones, or water features. Here are some fun ideas for indoor landscaping.

Plant a Tree in Your Home.

You don’t need outdoor space to enjoy nature. Plant a small shrub or tree in your lounge or entryway. Make sure that you have large windows or a skylight to bring in enough light for the greenery to thrive.

The beauty about trees, such as the ficus ones in the above image, is that they provide natural aesthetic while making you feel as though you were sitting in a pretty garden. They especially work well in a room that is decorated in wood.

Bathroom Sanctuary.

Water is an important part of your indoor landscaping as it can create the feeling of a sanctuary while providing the perfect method to link your indoors with the outdoors. For instance, a glass door can open out into the outdoor spa or bath but it enables you to relax in the water indoors while facing the rocks and plants beyond. This is a flexible design with nature: it allows you to bring it inside or keep it a bit out of reach, depending on your mood.

Blur the Boundaries.

A great idea for bringing nature into your home is to create invisible boundaries between your room and the garden outside with the use of glass walls. The spectacular natural scene outside looks as if it belongs in the living room. A good tip is to design the room in earthy, neutral colors to create a décor harmony between the indoors and what is outside.

Create a Sleek Indoor Garden.

Your indoor garden doesn’t have to take up a lot of space or be on the floor. Plant a few flowers and grass in a trolley for a lovely modern take on indoor nature. This is also a versatile idea because you can move it around your living space if you feel the need for something green in another room. Colorful flowers in the movable garden also add a burst of freshness in the décor.

Make Use of Your Bay Window Seat.

The bay windows in your home don’t have to remain a seating area if you want something a little different. The area that would have been a bench can be transformed into a mini garden in which you can place your favorite potted plants. A few accessories, such as a watering can and mosaic trim, can add to the charm.

Use of Stone.

The design around your indoor garden or plant life is important. You want to follow through with the idea of nature, so natural elements are a good bet. Create a stone wall or stones in a pattern on the ground to safeguard a tropical atmosphere.

Choose the Staircase Space.

If you are pressed for space but want to sprinkle the living area with a bit of green, make use of the space surrounding the staircase. This is a great area for planting tall trees that stay out of the way while providing a beautiful eyeful.

Another idea is to place greenery on the walls along the staircase. This brightens up the wall while creating something interesting. You could grow real plants or grass in this green wall, for the ultimate eco-friendly chic.

Air Plants are Breezy.

A wall filled with plant arrangements are an easy way to give your home a rustic, outdoorsy feeling. Succulent plants are especially a good idea because they offer a bit of color. Use ones with different shapes and sizes for a more striking effect.