Brad Pitt haircut

Brad Pitt haircut

The Brad Pitt haircut has always stood for exceptional looks and cool styles. Whether Pitt long or short hair, a shaved head or crew cut, or just a nice, undercut back – he’s considered one of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities. But Pitt’s fame is not just focused on his dense, blond hair and his popular, modern hairstyles.

A few high-profile marriages, six children, a publicized divorce and some iconic roles later, Brad Pitt is still considered one of the movie industry’s most successful male stars. After three decades in the spotlight and many successful films, Pitt has tried almost every hairstyle in the books. And with naturally straight, thick hair, he has never had trouble pulling any of the best styles.

Between his haircuts in fury Fight Club Inglourious Basterds and Troy Here’s everything you need to know about Brad Pitt’s hairstyles!

Brad Pitt Haircut

Brad Pitt hair hairstyles

Brad Pitts hair has undergone many changes over the years. These are some of the cuts and styles for which he is best known.

Brad Pitt hair

Brad Pitt long hair

Pitt is probably best known for his long hair, with many men trying to replicate the free flowing style and good-looking, carefree mood that went with it. He wore this cut mostly in the 2000s after he had his short hair grown and then largely retired and mated with a beard, creating a sturdy, natural look.

Brad Pitt Long Hair This was also around the same time as women in Pitts Troy Hairstyle fell in love.

Brad Pitts Hair - Troy Hairstyle

While most guys do not have consistently smooth, feathery hair, Pitts long hairstyles can still be achieved by letting the hair grow out to the shoulders and then using a light wax or clay to create a textured midsection that moves naturally. Be sure to apply a product to the tips on both sides to minimize frizz.

Brad Pitt Long Hair + Beard

Pitt with long hair is ultimately a winning look. Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner, live a healthy lifestyle to maximize hair growth, and naturally let your hair grow longer.

Brad Pitt Longer Hair

Brad Pitt shorthair

Just as trendy and masculine, Pitt’s short haircuts range from a buzz cut to a crew cut to a smoothed back. When Pitt became famous for the first time in the nineties, he rocked various varieties of short hair and let his hair grow to his iconic, unkempt, long-haired look.

Brad Pitt Short Hair For example, Pitts hair was used in his famous role in 1965 Fight Club cut into a short, pointed style that adds to the cool aesthetics of his character. Spiky hair can keep your look casual, yet stylish, and can be easily achieved by using a lightweight styling product for a textured finish.

Brad Pitt Fight Club Hair - Tyler Durden

The key to most short haircuts should be a fade or undercut on the sides. The contrasting short sides make your hair stand up.

Brad Pitt Short Hair - Comb Over

Brad Pitt Buzz cut

Brad Pitts Buzz Cut was the epitome of robust good looks. In his famous role with his future wife Angelina Jolie in Mr. & Mrs. Smith Pitt made a simple buzz cut to portray his undercover character in the film. If you have a square face shape or strong, sharp features, the Buzz Cut has an excellent look.

Brad Pitt Buzz Cut

This haircut is as easy as it gets and requires very little care, except for occasional touch-ups. Ask your barber to shave your head for a very short cut or use hair clippers to cut your hair. We recommend using a # 1 Clipper Guard for a close cut.

Brad Pitt Shaved Head

Brad Pitt Crew Cut

When Pitt went short again, he rocked the classic Crew Cut, known for creating a clean cut and simply aesthetic. Pitt’s hair hummed on the sides and back as the hair gradually spread on his head.

Brad Pitt Crew Cut

You can have Pitts crew cut by asking your hairdresser. Cut your hair short with the hair trimmers and make sure the lines around your forehead are evenly shaped and sharply angled. Similarly, you can ask for a high skin fade on the sides with 1 to 2 inches of hair on the top left.

Brad Pitt Crew Cut Hairstyle

And for a gentleman’s hairstyle, consider keeping the hair up a bit longer and then turning the fringe aside. That way, you can either get a structured crop or Ivy League haircut, both of which have become popular in recent years.

Brad Pitt Crew Cut + Blonde Hair

Brad Pitt Fury Haircut

Brad Pitt’s Fury haircut is another style that boys have mimicked. In the film Pitt wore a classic smooth, undercut hairstyle

Brad Pitt Fury Haircut

With its shaved sides and longer hair, the contrasting, modern look moved the trend from ‘short sides, long lace’ styles.

Brad Pitt slicked back undercut

Brad Pitt Pompadour

Due to the versatility of Pitts smoothed back hair, it was also during this time the actor styled a pompadour. But instead of the classic version with a big puff in the front, the celebrity preferred a short pomp with a high fade.

Brad Pitt Pompadour

Brad Pitt’s beard

While a good number of his styles paired with a clean-shaven face, Brad Pitts Bart is also one of the best in Hollywood.

Brad Pitt Beard

Whether he trimmed short stubble or decided to get a stature

Brad Pitt Hairstyle - Short Hair + Beard

How to get Brad Pitt’s hair

Despite Pitt’s massive box office success and public privacy over the years, his eclectic hairstyles and stylish looks have become some of his biggest assets. If you are thinking of getting a new haircut this year, you should use the above examples as inspiration before your next visit to the hair salon. And after getting a good cut, do not forget the importance of applying a high-quality pomade, wax or clay to get the look you want.

Long textured brush back + goatee

Brad Pitt Hair - Long textured slick back + goatee

Undercut + stripped hair

Brad Pitt Interrupted

Messy top + tapered sides

Brad Pitt Short Hair + Messy Top + Tapered Sides

Short textured hair + tapered sides + goatee “width =” 500 “height =” 500 “>

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Long Comb Over + Short Sides + Beard

Brad Pitt Inglourious Basterds Hair - Long Comb + Short sides + Beard

Long blond hair + beard

Brad Pitt long hairstyles + beard