Blue Décor Ideas For Summer Beach Weddings

Blue Décor Ideas For Summer Beach Weddings

Beach weddings are definitely something else. The whole atmosphere, the theme, the décor are all different from a restaurant wedding or any other kind. It’s why the planning is a bit different as well. Some colors are instantly come to mind such as blue or yellow and there are tons of wonderful ways in which to use them.

For example, if you’re planning a blue beach wedding, you can pick a particular shade of blue like turquoise or cyan. Because blue is associated with the sky and the sea, your wedding décor will fit right in, linking the two elements.

A beautiful option is to combine different shades of blue, play with contrasts and create interesting mixtures. In addition, there are lots of original ways in which you combine all these blues plus several other colors including white, beige or green.

Everything from the bride’s bouquet to the table centerpieces and the wedding favors can be customized using blue. But don’t exaggerate. Matching everything like that is not exactly classy. Leave some room for imagination.

A chair can have a beautiful blue bow on it but the cover would look more beautiful if it were white. Or you can give up the cover completely and decorate the chairs with bouquets of flowers in blue-tinted mason jars.

The cake can feature a touch of blue as well. It can even be beach-themed. Or maybe you prefer a tower of cupcakes instead of a single large cake.