Best long hairstyles with balayage color

Best long hairstyles with balayage color

balayage Painting has always been a trend, but nowadays it becomes much more natural. If you want to look stylish and modern, you have to go with a lot of subtle and beautifully mixed balayage color.

Any hair color can be used as a balayage dye, but if you want to achieve natural highlights, you should choose a young balayage color that is 2-3 tonnes lighter than your actual hair color. Blonde color is the most preferred hair color as a balayage, but you can go with gray, blue, red or any hair color you want. Honey blonde Balayage color is the best idea for medium-bodied brunette women. If you want to frame your face, make sure the balayage starts in front of your roots.

Balayage coloring is the best hair color option with ombre for long hair, You can create really chic and stylish looks with minimal hair damage. Now it’s time to look at the latest balayage color ideas for long hairstyles that you might find really inspiring.

1. Two options for long hairstyle with balayage

Long hairstyles with balayage

2. Wavy long hairstyle balayage

Long hairstyles balayage

3. Great Balayage long hairstyle

Balayage long hairstyles

4. Long hair Blond Balayage

Long hair balayage

5. Chic long hair with balayage

Long hair with balayage


Long hairstyles with Balayage-6


Long hairstyles with Balayage-7


Long hairstyles with Balayage-8


Long hairstyles with Balayage-9


Long hairstyles with Balayage-10


Long hairstyles with Balayage-11


Long hairstyles with Balayage-12


Long hairstyles with Balayage-13


Long hairstyles with Balayage-14


Long hairstyles with Balayage-15