Beautiful Tablescape Ideas for Valentine’s Day Weddings

Beautiful Tablescape Ideas for Valentine’s Day Weddings

Whenever a wedding occurs on a special day such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day, the whole way in which you plan this event changes and with it the entire décor ideas usually employed for this occasion. A Valentine’s Day wedding asks for some special tablescapes and here are a few ideas you can use.

Of course, the most obvious choice would be to use red roses. You can display them in long, glamorous vases or in small bouquets, depending on the mood you’re trying to create. But don’t feel obligated to use red roses if they’re not your favorite type of flower. In fact, any flower is romantic and beautiful if you know how to use it.

Decorate the tables with white or pastel pink flowers to create an innocent and soft look. Or mix in a few bold-colored flowers if you like strong contrasts. Apart from flowers, another great idea is to use candles for the table décor. They’re always romantic and would suit the theme wonderfully.

If you want, you can highlight the whole décor with red accessories. The glasses, napkins, vases and even the wedding favors can be red and you can mix in a few white elements as well.

If you want to personalize the décor, try creating a photo display for each table. The guests ill enjoy seeing the happy couple and the photos can be favors they can take home.