Beautiful Centerpieces Suitable For A Winter Wedding

Beautiful Centerpieces Suitable For A Winter Wedding

Getting married in January or in winter in general is not usually a very common choice but it can be whimsical. You’ll have all the snow, the white landscape and you’ll get to wear a fluffy white cape. As for the restaurant décor, there’s not a lot you have to change compared to a spring wedding for example. The centerpieces will, of course, have to be carefully chosen. So what can you choose considering the lack of fresh colors?

Well there are all sorts of great options. For example, you can take tree branches and spray paint them white so they look like they have snow on them. To also bring some of the outdoor beauty inside, you can choose to use white flowers. This way you’ll maintain a fresh and delicate décor but you’ll also incorporate the seasonal theme. Then there’s also the option of combining branches and fresh flowers.

Another idea is to use items such as pine cones and to place them under clear glass domes so they look like the little globes we all have in our homes. If the wedding is close to Christmas you can use conifer clippings combined with pine cones or with berries. You can also incorporate ornaments such as the ones you use when decorating the Christmas tree. A very beautiful idea would be to take clear ornaments and put inside fresh plants or something similar.

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