Beards & Male Platinum Blonde Hair Color Trends 2017

Beards & Male Platinum Blonde Hair Color Trends 2017

Now that we’re sure that beards are inextricably linked to men for the coming year, let’s talk about some hairstyle options. There are short and long styles and nothing interesting about it. What our attention deserves are male platinum blonde hair color trends 2017 , Yes, with the crazy popularity of these blonde shades for women, it was natural for the trend to permeate the men’s fashion world. First we saw Celebrity bleached blonde hairstyles , Do you remember Messy? Suddenly we became blond and left a reddish beard. Gradually, the trend went public and now we see men in streets with the blond hair color and bear beards. It is important to focus on beards. There are thin, but the trendiest are thick beards – the lumberexuelle look, you know?

Do not waste your time and get to know the trendiest hair tints for men and how to combine them with beards.

Bleached blonde and thin beards for men

Male-short platinum-blond-hair-2017
short blonde haircuts
male-platinum-blonde-hair-color-2017-with- thin beard
platinum blonde quiff

Look around and you will see that there are almost no men left with an accurately shaved face. All around are beards. Thin ones were very popular a few years ago. Seems like they are not even there, but they add some masculinity to your image. The combination with blond hair is useful.

Male platinum blonde hair color trends 2017

Men's Bleached Blonde Hair Color 2017
Platinum-blonde hairstyles for men prevented
Men's Platinum Blonde Hair Color 2017 and Beards
Neat dark beards and blond haircuts

The strange thing about beards and whiskers is that beards are not dyed. That is, you dye your mane in cold silver blonde and leave beard with innate natural color. This creates an impressive contrast that immediately attracts attention. Make sure that your hair does not wear medium or long hair. Stay better with extra short or pompadour styles.

Lumbersexual trend and bleached blonde

Bart and man-platinum blonde hair color-2017
bleached blonde lumbersexual
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<p> Male platinum blonde hair trends 2017 combined with giant wood beards make an insurmountable combination for your next look.  Trendy, lively, lively.  You get the look that will attract the attention of all ladies.  It is also a great way to express yourself, show your emotions and lifestyle.  Who said that men should not follow the trends?<br />
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