Bar Built In The Attic Of An Old House In Minsk

Bar Built In The Attic Of An Old House In Minsk

This is a house that pre-dates World War II and which had to be reconstructed following the damages suffered during that period. After that, the house also changed its function. It now houses two levels of offices as well as a bar in the attic. The bar was designed by Lithuanian studio Inblum Architects.

The architects decided to leave some of the details intact. For example, they preserved the brick walls and left them exposed. They also used the same type of bricks to build the bar. The bar is surrounded by a wooden framework which doubles as shelving and coat rack.

The goal here was to create a space that would have its own unique atmosphere but that would also incorporate some of the defining elements of the building. The team chose to use a combination of old and new. They incorporated reclaimed furniture around the bar which was found in flea markets from Sweden and in an old school from Ireland. The bar can be accessed directly from the street via a small wooden deck. The deck also offers views across the rooftops.

The bar has a unique character. It combined the old with the new and it incorporates elements from various places across the globe and makes them its own. This gives it charm and personality.

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