Awesome braided long hairstyles

Awesome braided long hairstyles

Braid is one of the oldest hairstyle for women, with which you can achieve different styles different braided hairstyles. It looks great on long hair and they are perfect for keeping your hair in place.

Regular French braid is very easy to do with some exercise and perfect for long hair. You can also create really natural beautiful waves by creating French plait Overnight then your downdo hair will look chic and beautifully wavy. Dutch braid aka Inverted French Braid is perfect for winter and fall, it looks great with cardigans and sweaters. Regular ponytail with pigtails is also ideal for active women who are into sports and fitness. You can really create different looks with others Braid styles For example, messy French braid is a good choice if you want to create Bohème style , If you want to look cute and chic, braids with double buns is perfect for you.

1. Braided long hairstyle ideas

Braided long hairstyles

2. Long half braided hairstyle

Long braided hairstyles

3. Unique braided long hairstyle

Braided long hairstyles

4. Nice braided long hair

Braided long hair

5. Two braided long hairstyle 2017

Braided long hairstyles 2017

6. Fishtail braids

Braided Long Hairstyles-6

7. Beautiful braided hairstyle

Braided Long Hairstyles-7

8. Double rolls with pigtails

Braided Long Hairstyles 8


Braided Long Hairstyles-9


Braided Long Hairstyles-10


Braided Long Hairstyles 11


Braided Long Hairstyles-12


Braided Long Hairstyles 13


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