We’re starting a new series on TBD and I’m very excited to start with one of my absolute favorite women, Ashley Tisdale. Last year, she launched one new makeup line a new website a new music series on her Youtube channel while she was directing at the same time Signorelli and killed it in her own company, Blondie Girl Productions. As if she was not busy enough, she is going to Coachella for the first time this year. I thought we should talk about these things AND create some nice desert vibes while we’re at it.

First of all, your skin looks pretty non-porous at the moment. What are your current skin care favorites? Hydration – I drink two liters of water a day! I’m also tirelessly washing my face in the morning and in the evening, I like that CETAPHIL CLEANSER and a good eye cream, but what I’ve learned from my dermatologist is that the fewer products the better.

Her new ILLUMINATE BY ASHLEY TISDALE PALETTE is breathtaking and I know that because I own it (I’m also excited to say that you may have named one of the colors after me! OMGOMGOMG)! What is the story behind this palette? It was one of my favorite pallets to create. I really wanted to step out of my comfort zone and make a lot more color, like purple and blue. I wanted to make sure it was different than that BEACH GODDESS and NIGHT GODDESS , When I named the Eyeshadow, I was inspired to call it the Goddess Palette because I believe that the people who inspire me and my life are all goddesses. So of course, it had to be a Kristin!

What are you listening to at the moment? Stay, by Zedd and Alessia Cara ,

Who are you most looking forward to seeing Coachella? Have you been there before? This is my first time at Coachella, I’m so excited! I’m really looking forward to seeing Lady Gaga and enjoying the whole experience.

Talk to me about your YOUTUBE CHANNEL! I love the music sessions you did with Chris and Vanessa! I’ve known you for a while, but I did NOT know you could sing like that! Whoa. Many Thanks! I have so much fun! I’ve recently relaunched my YouTube channel and Music Sessions came only organically because my channel obviously started when I did my albums, and since I knew my husband was a musician, it seemed so natural to me cover songs close. I never expected people to love it so much, but it’s really exciting to see people enjoy it!

Current favorite blogger / Youtuber? SINCERELY JULES has always been one of my favorites.

Best lip color of ILLUMINATE BY ASHLEY TISDALE in you? SKINNY DIPPING or CORAL REEF ! I soon have liquid lipsticks, and I wear them constantly. I can not wait for everyone to get their hands on you!

Best Eyeshadow Color by ILLUMINATE BY ASHLEY TISDALE on you? I’m a big fan of rust color because I have brown eyes, so my favorite screen is Sammy in the GODDESS PALETTE ,

What Do you love photo apps? VSCO all the way!

Which pair of shoes do you wear most? I think my style is always a bit nervous. Well, I would say, edgy chic.

First weekend of Coachella, second weekend or both? I go on the first weekend, so obviously, the first weekend (: (I do not think I can handle both)

ASHLEY’S LOOK 1: (HAIR) With KRISTIN ESS preparing the hair HAIR MOUSSE at the root, KRISTIN ESS HAIR THICK SPRAY from middle to end, roughly dry (no brush, just fingers) and then add EXTENSIONS (we used 26 “in chestnut). Give the hair some texture with subtle FLAT IRON WAVES , Add braids and embellish with leather cords. (MAKE UP) Apply STONE STICKERS and add a little CLEAR LASH GLUE for added support Eye Color: SHELL (GODDESS PALETTE) , Lip Color: SKINNY DIPPING


ASHLE Y’S LOOK 3: Shimmer (emphasis): BEACH BUM K√∂rperbronzer: SOAKED IN SUN Lip: CORAL REEF