Ash Brown hair colors for 2017

Ash Brown hair colors for 2017

Ash Brown hair colors for 2017

Want to try something from the brown palette? consider ash brown hair colors for 2017 , This smoked shadow stands out from the other shades of brown. To achieve a perfect color of Ash Brown, blue and green shades are added under the brown. The statistic has shown that this color suits perfectly to medium to dark skin tones with pink or red undertones. Because it’s a dark shade, you do not need to lighten your locks before you use the tones. Here I have only taken the trendiest ash brown hair colors. Look at it and be inspired.

Ash Brown Hair Colors for 2017

Balayage ash brown hair color

There is a reason why this hair color is so desirable and popular. It looks good all year round – you can wear an ash-brown color both in cold and in hot months. The shimmering ash-brown hue will shine in summer and looks good against dark neutral colors. However, to achieve a rich hair color like this, your barber should apply the colors with balayage technique Balayage Ash Brown hair color

Ashbrown Bob

Ash Brown is an excellent color for highlights, ombre and balayage. Due to its undertones, Ash Brown does not fade as fast as other shades. Here is an example of an asymmetrical bob haircut that has been given a multi-dimensional ash brown hue. It’s a bold yet sexy look that can be adapted to any texture. Ash Brown Bob

Silver ash-brown hair color

Take your ash-colored ombre balayage one step higher with silvery tones. The combination of silver and ash brown makes for an excellent hair color that is neither too light nor too dark. The best thing is that you do not have to touch your natural dark base. Ask your barber to apply the color from the middle part of your locks. By using Balayage you will keep your look almost natural. Silver toned ash brown hair color

Ash Brown color for long hair

There are two types of ash brown color – light ash brown and dark ash brown. If you choose a brighter version of the color, you need to lighten your locks, otherwise the result will not be as impressive as you expect. This eye-catching ashen becomes lighter at the tips. It’s a great option for those who want to experiment with a lighter shade. Ash Brown color for long hair

Medium long ash brown hair

Well, some of you may like to refer to this “granny hair” trend. It’s a lighter version of the auburn hair color that requires some bleaching processes. It’s a rich hair color that speaks about your fashion sense. Wear this shade on your medium-length hair to show your incredible color combination. Medium-length Ash Brown Hair

Dark ash brown hair

In this particular style, the hair-colorist added some ashy tones to the dark brown base for an incredible and overwhelming hair color. Beautiful beach waves bring the ashy tones to light and prove that even with dark, brunette curls a fashion statement is possible. Dark ash brown hair

Dark chocolate hair color

I’ve already mentioned that Ash Brown is fantastic base color for highlights and ombre patterns. It means that you can combine it with other tones to achieve a hair color that no one else has. Most shades of brown can make a perfect pair of ash brown tones. Dark chocolate hair color

A spiky hair tips

The most important thing to consider before wearing an ash-brown hair color is your undertones. Make sure you have a clean face, otherwise it will bring your redness. To avoid such problems, we strongly recommend that you contact your stylist beforehand. Ashy Hair highlights